Level up your business with
realistic IT solutions

When you think of a solution, it includes the hardware, software, and supporting people and documentation to solve a problem or reach a certain business goal.


Software & Web Solution starts with a really deep understanding of the business need, and this is where so many projects fail. We gather requirements, envision the solution, evaluate the options available for the solution, perform the time/people/resources trade-offs, design the solution, and then communicate all of this to the developers.


As software solution provider, we translate the strategic objectives and vision of an enterprise into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change. We help organizations develop their Enterprise Architecture, working closely with business and IT to understand the business drivers and vision and how this needs to be reflected in the Enterprise Architecture. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and technology challenges from which the Enterprise Architecture can be derived.

Our services also include:

  • Translation of enterprise strategies to definite technical requirements about Software or Website
  • Enterprise business needs Analysis and shape the solution accordingly
  • Software & Website design, architecture and development
  • Solutions quality assurance
  • Technical writings