About Us

RAKARU BARRISTERS & ADVOCATES Is a full-service law & Audit firm that constitutes of several auditors, advocates, legal consultants, and a number of paralegal and administrative staff. The firm was established on 17th October 2017. The two founding members of our firm are RAKESH KUMAR & ARUN KUMAR.

The firm currently has offices in the prestigious environs of K A R A C H I. It has associate auditors and lawyers to enable the firm deal with matters across the country under one umbrella.

One of the attributes of the firm includes its resolve to provide amicable and effective solution-oriented services in a timely manner to its clients and put efforts to be universally recognized as a full-service audit & law firm.


Our firm’s vision is to provide audit & legal services to all businesses, institutions or persons, to offer practical solutions to our clients and to be universally recognized as a full-service audit & law firm.

We undertake to embrace our client’s needs and address them soundly by offering turn-around time, to enable them to make informed decisions.

We have a reputation for providing exceptional audit & legal services. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex problems which our clients recognize and value.


  1. Rakesh Kumar
  2. Arun Kumar
  3. Vinod Kumar
  4. Imran Durrani
  5. Zain Ali Zaidi
  6. Shahnawaz Kumbhar


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