RAKARU developed Governance & Strategy service line in 2018 with special emphasis on Family Governance and Family owned businesses governance services. As over 90% of businesses are family-owned in Pakistan, this new service line will help these businesses and families. Pakistan has seen over decades of business life and mostly second and third generations are in business. Now is the time for families to seriously consider, how to do succession planning for businesses and families. Crowe Pakistan will emphasize on following set of domains under Governance & Strategy practices;  
  • Corporate Governance
  • Family Owned Business Governance
  • Family Governance
  • Governance Health check
  • Board and Committees development
  • Board and Committees Evaluation
  • Board Orientation
  • Director’s Orientation
  • New Director onboarding
  • Governance Dialogue
  • Annual Business Planning
  • MIS Review
  • Digital Governance
  • Public Sector Governance
  • Complimentary Consultation